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Here are some of our recent students have to say about our Yoga Teacher Training Course

I know Yogi Sudhir from my country, Bulgaria, where he was teaching yoga for 3 months. I attended a lot of yoga and reiki classes during that time. The personal development and extensive experience in yoga practice,achieved under the teachings of Yogi Sudhir proved that he is a highly qualified, dedicated and sincere yoga teacher.

I participated in the one-month TTC program in India from June 15th - July15th,2010. The course was more than useful for acquiring new teacher skills and expertise. Besides the intensive practice of asanas and pranayam, I really appreciate the theoretical and philosophical understanding of the ancient yoga science that the course provides. The meditation practices were also extremely helpful in expanding and raising the consciousness. Yogi Sudhir was successful in teaching his students how to live a healthy, inspiring and positive life.

Really recommend the TTC to everyone who is looking for life-changing spiritual experience.

Gabriela Petrova


My name is Sienna and I came to Rishikesh, all the way from the US to initiate a practice in yoga. I had always felt yoga was a calling but understood I needed the discipline and proper guidance to catalyze its application in my life. Within the first few days of my stay in Rishikesh I explored many yoga teachers and centers but felt truly at home and in the right hands once I found Yogi Sudhir Anand! His teaching style is gentle and he is a true master! I stuck with it and made quantum leaps in terms of my progress as a student.

With his encouragement and wonderful guidance I went further and joined his yoga training course. One important quality I feel impelled to illuminate, being one of the many reasons why I chose Yogi Sudhir Anand as my teacher is his genuine care and faith in his students. At first I was reluctant and shy to try for this course, but he showed me how to be confident and masterful like him! Looking back now I can see how far I have come thanks to him. I learned that when an amazing and rare opportunity shows itself we can only hope for such a teacher to help us embrace it fully.

This course was truly life changing and I feel quite blessed to have Yogi Sudhir Anand as my teacher! With all of my heart I recommend this course to anyone seeking yoga training course and deep knowledge in yoga:)




Namaste! I am Anita from Germany. For me this course was a holistic way of teaching spirituality revealing the way in which your awareness of breathing brings you to your inner universe, how we can experience our bodies by practicing yoga and bringing all its benefits together to live a healthy and happy life. This course also teaches one how to share this knowledge with others in an eloquent way.

Through this course one learns how to breathe, or hold the breath (Bandhas), how to find your limits and work through them in a sensible way by practicing Asanas, how to overcome health problems by also cleansing your body through meditation and Pranayama, along with various cleansing processes (Shatkarmas) and treatment with the divine energy of Reiki. All is one...that is what i loved about this teacher training course. You receive valuable insight into your body in so many ways possible resulting in a greater overall awareness.

I very much enjoyed being a part of this great way of teaching and sharing...Thank u very much for this wonderful divine experience...the angels were always with us...om





"I followed the 1 month/200hour teacher training course at Rishikesh Yoga Institute India. Yogi Sudhir is a personable and inspiring teacher who shared his experiences and knowledge with me throughout the time I was on the course and even after... My training and practical teaching experience gave me the confidence and physical ability to teach yoga asanas in both Hatha and Astanga Vinyasa styles, as well as gaining a deep understanding of the philosophy and observance of the Yogic Path."

I can recommend to everybody those who need really India Tradition yoga knowledge.

Dominique Baron-Bonarjee


Yogi Sudhir Anand is master of Nauli (abdominal churning) and wizard of improvisation. He has very greative style to guide, also he is flexible according student individual needs. After this course i sure feel confidence to teach Yoga.

Mikko Angesleva



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