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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For joining this course if there is any specific criteria e.g. experience or qualification?

We don’t have any specific requirement for joining this program; people from all fields are eligible for being benefited under this course. The one and only requirement for this course is the understanding level and the values perceptiveness towards importance of yoga and its vastness. There are no boundaries or restrictions based on religion, region, and relation. The academic qualifications and other experiences must be helpful in the way of getting perfection in your own stream, you are into. The basic object of this course is to make the meanings clear and take-up a right way to adopt all the aasana and other bough of yoga. The vital areas like, philosophy, anatomy, ayurveda, classroom administration and other spiritual arena will be a part of this course. It will give a complete environment to become a complete yoga teacher.

Q: Which type of yoga I will be taking admissions into?

Our program is designed considering all the areas of yoga. We have covered all basics and focal of yoga science. The subject “Yoga” is too vast with many traditions and style; we have kept all surface of the subject to cover its all ranges. We are providing a growing learning approach with the practical and theoretical basis in the specified time span. All branches of yoga “spiritual and physical Yoga”. we are offering yoga as a course to improve materialistic as well as spiritual power. Our teachers are well versed in all areas of yoga science.

Q: Is there any language knowledge is must to join the program?

Yes! Knowledge of English is must for candidates who want to appear for this course. People who know Hindi can enrol for the program without knowledge of English as well.

Q: What will be the chances to teach after qualifying the course with my graduation done?

If you are graduate and complete course with the prescribed manner. You will be awarded with a certificate which will be govt approved and it will be widely accepted. Holding this award you will become a “ Approved yoga teacher” and can conduct your own yoga training classes. you will have a better chance to work as volunteer with the guidance of knowledgeable teachers which will help out sharp up your skills. Today the importance of yoga been realised globally. As a yoga teacher you can spread your wings across sky of healthy physical and spiritual lives. With this skill you can serve human being. This will give a big piece of satisfaction and monetary aid.

Q: From where I will get study material?

All the study material will be given to you by institute. You need not to go anywhere else to find out text books and other necessary learning items. Our study material is well designed in a easy comprehensible manner which is too simple to adopt and learn. All aasans are described with sample photographs.

Q: If I will not able attend continuous classes then how this will impact?

As the course duration is not very long so every day will be important is aspect of better learning. A day gap can derive lots of lack in your knowledge. 100% attendance in the course period is must. Half backed knowledge never get notice.

Q: Will the course carry on home work? If yes then how much?

Yes! You will have to spend your one hour every day for homework, homework will not be as tough as your school time homework, this will give you an immense pleases and confidence along with it. Some written assignments also need to be completed by you beside physical exercise.

Q: Will I have free time to get involved in other activities?

Obviously yes! Will not be open on Sundays. Other than weekly break there will be couple of breaks between daily classes. You will have enough free time to get your other activities done.

Q: What will be the batch strength for this course?

Maximum 20 students will be assembled in every batch. Even though the demand of our program is increasing in a pace but as we are claimed as a quality based yoga institute so we are putting all things behind and trying to increase mort batches rather increasing students in a batch.

Q: Who are the students for this course?

People from all age group between 18-70 are our student. As we are open to every nation of world, hence have big numbers of student from India, Australia, Canada, America and other major countries of the globe. Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters are covered under the definition of a student. The atmosphere of our institute is some like a family with all the relations under one roof.

Q: What will be the yoga apparel I need to bring with?

There is cotton out fit for the yoga classes. We are providing this with its genuine price. These cloths have been designed with the meaning of yoga and asana postures. This uniform is available in all size and fittings.

Q: The carpet or any other article I need to carry with me?

No! We are having our own carpets which we provide during the class. But if you need to buy it for your own, these are easily available in near market.

Q: Do the visa will be required for this course?

Yes! International travel rules and regulations have kept mandate to have visa for the travel beyond the country border. Even there are some nations which need not to have visa. Please check at your embassy if visa required for . Visa policy for India is bit easy compare to other destinations. You can visit on traveller visa as the course duration is not very much longer. Please ensure that, your visa period is not less than your course period. So be careful for this concern.

Q: What is the structure of course fee (with all the inclusive)?

Refer to fee structure

Q: Where can I stay in Rishikesh?

As the stay is most concerning task when we travel across the countries or regions which are properly unknown to us. There might be some quandaries to get a proper accommodation. Our institute is offering accommodation for course period in ever economical cost, which is clubbed in the course fee structure. As rishikesh is a tourist spot so here getting private accommodation is bit tougher than other places. City’s spiritual recognition has given it the secrecy of accommodation availability. So our management has decided not to let our students suffer, and made a structured accommodation available.

Q: What is the safety and society standard of accommodation?

As the safety is concern, Rishikesh is known for the safe destination in India. Our accommodation is perfect for safety aspects. Having a better class residential and social standard. The environment is healthy and peaceful. Our efforts are continue to keep a regular improvement on the residential standards. The atmosphere also plays a vital role in learning here we are making the atmosphere.

Q: What will be the estimated food costing for one personal?

What we eat contributes what we think. In our epics it is mentioned that, thoughts are directly relate to our edibles. And when the object is spiritual then it is important to be deeply concerned with our food. For a better spiritual atmosphere we need to design our meals accordingly. So here we are offering 3 healthy meals (Breakfast + lunch and dinner) along with accommodation. All meals are completely vegetarian, we don’t allow non-vegetarian. The cocking space is neat and clean which is supervised by the administration to ascertain a healthy victuals. Cost of the food is included in the fee structure. If someone is eager to contribute in the cooking exercise, we do welcome !

Q: What is the availability scenario of daily use products nearby?

Rishikesh is a well established city. Here you can get all necessary things at every market. Markets are very near to centre. Seeing the rush of visitors, local bodies have developed good markets to make available all the consumer goods in every area of Rishikesh. So forget your worries, if there is any, related to your routine items. And keep your bag lighter for travel reason.

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